ZappaTec Specializes in SAP Formulations for Industrial, Environmental and Energy Waste Solidification

ZappaTec supplies super absorbent polymers (SAP) for cost-effective liquid waste solidification within the industrialenvironmental, and energy sectors, in the United States and international markets.

Our products include:

  • ZapZorb industrial solidifier, available in up to one metric ton super sacks
  • ZapLoc medical waste solidifier, in squeeze bottles
  • ZapPak medical waste solidifiers

In addition to super absorbent polymer manufacturing and distribution, we provide customers with free technical consultation on their solidification projects so they’re assured of purchasing specific SAP formulations that meet performance and cost requirements. Our product technical support extends to maintaining an onsite laboratory for grading and testing super absorbent polymer formulations.

ZappaTec & EVONIK/Degussa Super Absorbent Polymers

Our partnership with EVONIK/Degussa, the world’s leading manufacturer of super absorbent polymers, allows us to provide the best liquid solidification agent for the lowest cost. Together with EVONIK/Degussa, we have developed the most versatile and complete range of liquid waste solidification products on the market.

We invite you to visit our warehouse and lab facilities to see firsthand our extensive, ready inventory of super absorbent polymers. Whether your project is for an industrial waste solidification facility, a medical waste solidification project, or a complex waste stream as part of a large scale remediation project, ZappaTec can provide a timely and cost-effective solution–we have the experience and the track record to prove it.