• Tech Consultation

    We provide more than multiple grades of SAP and ready inventory. We deliver technical experience and expertise to help our customers with their industrial, environmental, and oil and gas solidification requirements. We encourage you to call us to discuss your project. Here’s what you should be prepared to discuss:

    • Type of project
    • Quantity of waste fluids
    • Chemical composition of the waste stream
    • Does the waste contain hazardous materials? Are there biohazards? Is the waste radioactive?
    • Waste disposal destination
    • Project timeline
    • Other project requirements

    With this information, we can guide you toward the correct super absorbent polymers for your project, and provide you with a cost estimate and free super absorbent polymer samples. Call us today: 888-369-8704.

  • Formulated SAP

    super absorbent polymerAll super absorbent polymer crystals are not the same. Waste streams vary in chemical composition, salinity, temperature and other ways; to rapidly solidify waste while minimizing volume and weight, specific SAP formulations should be matched to corresponding liquid waste.

    We manufacturer and stock ready inventory of SAP formulated for specific waste streams. Super absorbent polymer grades vary by mineral, polyacrylate and polyacrylamide content, as well as crystal size. Compared to suppliers of one SAP grade, we are able to easily match the SAP formulation to specific needs. By doing this, we continually provide high super absorbent polymers while minimizing cost to our customers.

    You can experience the difference. Call 888-369-8704 and order free samples of our formulated super absorbent polymers. You’ll have the opportunity to test multiple grades and learn which is best for your project.

  • Ready Inventory

    super absorbent polymerMany of our customer projects are time-sensitive. They can’t afford to wait for a super absorbent polymer distributor to locate and ship the grade and quantity of SAP they need. We understand, and maintain a large selection of inventory, ready to ship, at our warehouse. Whether you need a carton of 500cc bottles of ZapLoc or a truckload of metric ton SAP super sacks for an industrial clean-up, we’re ready to ship your order in an efficient, timely manner. In addition, we provide customers with shipping options that are most cost-effective for their delivery requirements.

    super absorbent polymer supersackOur partnership with EVONIK/Degussa, the world’s leading manufacturer of super absorbent polymers, allows us to continually maintain ready inventory of all grades of SAP. We invite you to visit our facility, and learn firsthand how we are able to rapidly respond to our customers’ time-sensitive needs.