super absorbent polymer applications

ZapZorb Super Absorbent Polymer Applications in Industry

ZapZorb super absorbent polymers are valued for their water absorbing properties, and are used throughout many industries. We focus on manufacturing and distributing SAP for three primary sectors:

  • Energy, or oil and gas, solidification, focusing on disposal of liquid waste from extraction and related activities.
  • Environmental remediation, where volumes of liquid hazardous or non-toxic waste must be removed for disposal.
  • Industrial solidification, encompassing activities ranging from routine industrial operations to site cleanup.

Our ZapZorb polymers are available for purchase in the following quantities:

  • 50 pound bags
  • One metric ton super sacks

We provide technical support, and can assist you with understanding how best to utilize SAP in your project, as well as the most efficient, cost-effective products to meet your requirements. Call 888-369-8704 for free consultation and product samples.