Case Study: Kayser Roth

Waters Edge Environmental (WEE) was contracted by Kayser-Roth Corporation to determine the source of previously detected volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a wastewater lagoon at their Lumberton, NC facility. Waters Edge installed monitoring wells for the collection of groundwater samples. Surface water and sludge samples were also collected. VOCs above NCAC Groundwater Quality Standards were detected in all samples.

Waters Edge dewatered the lagoon (approximately 514,085 gallons), treated the water, and disposed of it in the local Publicly Operated Treatment Works (POTW). The remaining 280 tons of lagoon sludge was solidified using ZapZorb super absorbent polymer. 290 tons of solidified material was transported to a disposal facility in Canada.

Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) was chosen for this project to reduce transportation and disposal costs. The use of traditional solidification agents, such as saw dust, lime kiln dust, or Portland cement would have significantly increased the waste volume and overall transport and disposal costs. By using ZapZorb, Waters Edge was able to save their client thousands of dollars is transportation and disposal costs.