industrial super absorbent polymers

ZapZorb Super Absorbent Polymers for Industrial Waste Solidification

ZappaTec ZapZorb super absorbent polymers (SAP, or super absorbent materials) solidify liquid waste streams or sludges associated with tank cleaning, pit or lagoon sludge removal, routine plant waste, vacuum truck operations, and jet grout drilling spoils. By absorbing up to 400 times their weight in liquid without significantly increasing volume, these super absorbent materials reduce waste transportation and disposal costs from industrial operations.

Unlike absorbent materials like kiln dust, Portland cement or sawdust, super absorbent polymer crystals chemically bond with water. The result: this liquid solidifier doesn’t biodegrade and release liquid, so the solidified waste is approved for landfill disposal.

ZapZorb: SAP Grades for a Variety of Waste Streams

Industrial waste streams vary by salinity, temperature, and chemical composition, so we offer multiple grades of ZapZorb super absorbent polymer crystals to match the economic and performance requirements for each industrial solidification project. Each grade:

  • Minimizes waste volume–typical expansion is less than 1%
  • Mixes quickly to improve production efficiency
  • Passes the EPA Test Method 9095 paint filter test
  • Is approved for landfill use

In addition, many waste streams pass TCLP (EPA Test Method 1311) for RCRA metals after solidification.

Super Absorbent Polymer Case Studies

Starmet CMI Superfund
Zapzorb superabsorbent polymerThe Starmet CMI superfund site contained 6% salt as potassium and sodium chloride, depleted uranium with contamination levels of up to 210,000 pCi/L as well as a pH of 10-11. After performing a bench-scale study, EPA determined that the use of polyacrylate and polyacrylamide (ZapZorb) would be the best method of achieving solidification prior to disposal. Read more.

Lake Wire
WRS Infrastructure & Environment, Inc. (WRS) was retained to perform a source removal corrective action on Lake Wire located in Lakeland, Florida. Lake Wire was identified as an Area of Concern in a RCRA facility assessment. Historical storm water discharges to Lake Wire have resulted in elevated concentrations of metals in sediments (predominately lead). Read more.

Kayser Roth
Waters Edge Environmental (WEE) excavated and solidified 280 tons of VOC-contaminated sludge in a wastewater lagoon. The sludge was solidified using ZapZorb super absorbent polymer to ensure minimal volume increase. 297 tons of material were shipped to Canada for disposal. Thousands of dollars in disposal costs were saved as a result of only a small volume increase. Read more.

Save Money with the Right Grade of Super Absorbent Polymer for Your Application

Our super absorbent polymer specialists can help you select the right grade of ZapZorb super absorbent polymer for your hazardous, non-hazardous or radioactive waste solidification and stabilization project. In-stock inventory allows us to rapidly supply you, and provide SAP samples for testing. Call 888-369-8704 or email us to request samples.