mining & drilling waste disposal

Super Absorbent Polymers for Mining and Drilling Waste Solidification

Oil and gas extraction operations create a variety of liquid waste streams, including drill cuttings and mine tailings, that require transportation and disposal. For many operations this mining and drilling waste can become a profit killer. Super absorbent polymers (SAP) efficiently solidify that waste without significantly increasing weight or volume to reduce waste transportation and disposal costs.

Our ZapZorb super absorbent polymers are safe, versatile media that can solidify liquid waste streams and sludges associated with:

  • Drilling fluid (mud) and drill cuttings disposal
  • Mine tailings
  • Pit, pond and lagoon closures
  • Above and below ground take decommissioning
  • Waste contained in roll off boxes
  • Hazardous waste streams
  • MGP remediation
  • Soil fixation and stabilization
  • Dewatering

Reduce Costs Associated with Mining and Drilling Waste

mining & drilling waste disposalWaste streams generated by the mining and oil and gas sectors vary. That’s why we provide several grades and blends of ZapZorb super absorbent polymers consisting of minerals, polyacrylates and polyacrylamides to meet the performance and economic requirements of each project. Each grade:

  • Minimizes waste volume–typical expansion is less than 1%
  • Mixes quickly to improve production efficiency
  • Passes the EPA Test Method 9095 paint filter test
  • Is approved for landfill use

In addition, many waste streams pass TCLP (EPA Test Method 1311) for RCRA metals after solidification.

Our super absorbent polymer specialists can help you select the right grade of ZapZorb SAP for your mining, or oil and gas waste solidification and stabilization project. In-stock inventory allows us to rapidly supply you, and provide SAP samples for testing. Call 888-369-8704 or email us to request samples.